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Sheeps who charge you and 30 can sell RS gold

  • Sheeps who charge you and 30 can sell RS gold for a gain of 50 additional beans at stage. Then we come at cows who cost 100 (like frogs) and who can be marketed for 70 extra beans in an adolescence period, whereas hens only gives 8 beans.If you truly wish to get in contact with customer service (and not a bot) you are able to do so through support jagex. There's no way to find out this email as their.

    Most links on the contact support page divert you to a form you have to fill out and which frequently result to an automatic response, which in my previous were 100% refused until I did via email and an actual human being looked into many cases I reported to Jagex, all these resulted in me talking 100 percent the truth.If this subreddit is actually so against principle #7, they should always hide/delete any articles regarding customer service and bugs. The means of contacting customer support is utterly crap and to acquire their email address in the first place takes so awful a great deal of time.

    This subreddit account help doesn't say this exact email address, strange, kinda almost as if they never attempted out client support for themselves, nor can't relate how awful it's to get into contact with an actual human being. So now we come to bugs, account help also state this and how it is done (leads to a broken link btw) so I'd suggest, eliminate the insect flair and hide/delete all bug posts as this subreddit is not meant as a bug report/ticket system, since you should be able to do so all via the insect report"feature". The answer here is in and no a recent post of mine. I shouldn't have to rely on emails to figure out how the status of my bug report that is send is runescape 2007 gold doing needing a Reddit article to explain myself.