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finalist of Dofus Kamas World Series

  • La Formation, finalist of Dofus Kamas World Series and champion of KTA Season 1, stayed remarkable during this second season with the addition of three championships such as Ingloriom and 210 teams signed up.

    Other staff that is well-known will also be there: Outbreak, the former DWSers and finalist of KTA Season 1 failed to make it into the podium. Team Atlas, no other than a group made up of former players out of Millenium, also ranked extremely well. From Control, the winner of this latest Dofus World Series, is up in eighth place.

    The KT Finals are consequently the culmination of this season, bringing together the greatest PVP players of the second! The contest will take place. In the conclusion of the six matches of every group, the top two will be eligible for a final set, with quarters and semis in 2 winning matches (BO3) plus a grand final in three winning matches (BO5)! ) Let's just say we'll have our fill of entertainment!

    The goal of these changes is to have Osamodas actively engaging in battle together with their Summons, instead of having to rely on them even suffer as a consequence of the actions. Whether they would rather dive right into the fight or just encourage their team, the new Osamodas venture closer to the action because that is where they get their summoning magic.

    Thanks to their elastic new summoning spells (of which there are 6), Osamodas have access to their own full bestiary during conflicts. Each of those spell may be used to summon all 13 Osamodas Summons, one at a time. But how do you summon the right one? Using summoning charges.Once summoned, the creature is tied to the spell which has been used to cheap Dofus Kamas summon it. Casting the spell again won't summon a new creature, but simply moves the existing one.