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Graphics are RS gold a pro and a con

  • Graphics are RS gold a pro and a con.yeah the art style is iconic. Kind of a mix of many of the points that are above mentioned ; its simply not that engaging most of the time. I'd say nearly all time is spent doing activities that don't need attention. That means players play while watching movies or doing something on the side. I want a game which controls my full attention and OSRS infrequently provides that, although that is a pro I guess.

    There's something to be said about how amazing the character models, landscapes and music are. The limitations on graphics/music imposed from the game being browser-only at first pushed on the developers to make something amazing with all the options they had. This is something thats quite normal for musicians to do when they are lacking inspiration - place artificial limits on themselves.

    I like OSRS a great deal but I tend to lean towards being a healer in MMOs, if that job is not an option I will play for a month and shed interest.I return to OSRS, but it always feels more like a solo match with different people getting in my way then a world we could co-operate in.Should say I adore OSRS, but its weakpoint to me is that over half my own interactions with individuals in it are because they are in my way, wether that be mining, farming battle amounts, it makes you wish that you could have your own server, lol.

    Honestly, this really is 100% true. I have played runescape since 2003. Been there for a whole lot of the ups and down. Finally RS3 was a thing and that I lost interest due to buy RuneScape gold extra layer (EoC and QoL in all ). When the heritage osrs hosts launch I had been hesitant, due to the leadership Jagex was carrying with its content (RS3 heavily pushes microtransactions).Once I finally began playing with my girlfriend 4 years ago, we were hooked. I'd say almost hooked. This was coming out of enjoying FFXIV (still a fantastic game), but osrs has a charm to it no one seems to replicate.