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Application of Raymond Milling in Putty Powder

  • Putty grinding with raymond mill, people who have renovated the house have a good understanding of the putty, how to produce it, what raw materials are used in the production, what are the requirements for these raw materials? These questions may be very professional, and it is difficult for people who are not involved in production to make it clear. This little editor knows, tell you now: The raw materials for this putty are very simple. The main use of the calcined lime powder, and then add some paper boxes inside, then pour the water for mixing, wait for the previous day. Time will be available. This method of production is carried out without considering the whiteness of the putty. With the improvement of the decoration level and the improvement of the original processing technology of the putty, there are many kinds of raw materials for making the putty paint. Such as gray calcium powder, heavy calcium powder, talcum powder, light calcium carbonate, bentonite, cooked gypsum powder. For ash calcium powder, heavy calcium powder, talc powder, and light calcium carbonate as the raw material of the putty, the fineness is 300-400 mesh, and the whiteness is preferably 90 or more. For raw materials with higher fineness and whiteness, the cost will definitely be high, but the relative quality will be better. For products with 300-400mu fineness, you can use Raymond mill to process the fineness. Fully in line with this requirement, for the size of the production requirements, this can choose different types of equipment, the smallest equipment with two grinding rolls, the largest now with 6 grinding rolls. If a finer particle size is required, if it is more than 500 mesh, it is necessary to use ultrafine grinding equipment.