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  • From October 18th to November 1st, WoW Classic players will be welcoming the second festival event - Hallow's End and receive various rewards. Players can accept new quests at specific NPCs, and NPC will also offer tricks and treats. The event celebrates the split between the Forsaken (undead) and t...
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Foods that heal up to Buy Runescape gold

  • What about so there are foods that heal up to Buy Runescape gold
    swordfish upgrading RS? Along with food. Hemp seeds have more protein by weight compared to fish or meat so that it's not like Vegan food has less protein...it might be nice if Vegans who perform RS don't have to get the character eat meat whilst PKing, there might be vegan sandwiches which heal 1400 and other types that heal 2000 for p2p to coincide with sharks, etc..

    Are there some plans to re-work full battle? Compared to almost every keybind based MMO, The combat on Runescape3 is an absolute mess, If youre not utilizing revolution, you have 5 billion keybinds. . Too bad they're speaking about the devs rather than the story of Runescape.if you pay attention to beta you understand why. How about keep remarks . Osrs is suppose to look crappy its osrs out of 2007.

    I absolutely do know how criticism works, enough to runescape 07 accounts
    actually think why the video is submitted with levelling progress as the levels get higher. This has been happening since the start of his videos, it will not change, we did not see you complaining about seeing content and drops did we? You say I am what is wrong in the world but I see it as this- You are out here talking shit about somebody's content, somebody who has become quite successful (in my target audience) using the identical formula, yet, here you are with no videos to compete and show your way of thinking is better, attempting to criticise
    other men and women who are very successful.

    You are what's wrong with the Earth, over entitled idiots who will do and think everything they watch needs to be tailored to exactly what they need. Jog on kid, it took you these episodes to have a cry I think we can see that you're a retard.