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      Douglas Cosmetics: You come across lots of discounted cosmetics and little fun beauty gadgets right here. I've recently purchased patio furniture from bra strap converters to Bliss foaming sugar scrub, origins bath bubbles, a folding hairbrush and mirror combination and Evian face spray to b...
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I invested $150 or so on The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold

  • I invested $150 or so on The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold along with all its DLCs. I've 2140 hours at The Elder Scrolls Blades and 8 playthroughs. The Elder Scrolls Blades also got me to finally upgrade my computer significantly and pass my parts down to my child's computer.Nuka Shelter was so repetitive and you'd hit walls fast without specific characters and better loot. It was instantly hacked though. I'm had nowhere close enough interest in sport to actually spend money on it and with a couple minutes of searching I've discovered a few save documents around the place from the start with 9999 lunchboxes to open when you wanted. I found out rather quick the fall rate for great things was VERY VERY low (just like 1 in 25 or worse) and in spite of all that it was not that fin and after a few days of playing I fell it. It was a look and click on game such as diner dash.

    Skyrim is easily one of my favourite games ever and back when The Elder Scrolls Blades has been announced, even though I dont like mobile games and I dont think im that to them, only the pure idea of a pick up and play version of The Elder Scrolls Blades on my phone just got me excited that a lot. Hopefully they fix the few defects The Elder Scrolls Blades has since this is an amazing mobile game and it is among those few out there that breaks the"cheap and very low effort" rule in mobile games. The Elder Scrolls Blades in addition to Smt Dx2 happen to be like something I never new I wanted or desired and im enjoying the crap from.

    It's Infinity Blade with walking, plagued with silver chests that you'll never open gold one you'll have to no room for and wood ones you'll just pay 1 gem because the hell not. The lore is pretty much non existent other then your hiding your The Elder Scrolls Blades identity in the Thalmor while hammering goblins for some dude having a pole up his rear. You'll meet Sheogorath masked as a person who hasn't met you but know what about you. (lets you change Glaser and gender at will) you will get to around level 16-18 before hitting a wall of quests you can quite do yet unless you've gotten lucky with equipment from chests. Town construction is weird as each building progressively cost more to construct. Just build rock by the way do not use timber. The increase to town exp will help. Do abyss regular you'll get better at combat and just earn stuff gradually.