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Square Enix currently has no plans for the new Final Fantasy

  • According to the German publication Spieletipps, initially discovered by PCGamesN, it seems that there will be no plans for the new Final Fantasy brand MMORPG. In the interview with Gamescom, German publications talked with producer and director Yoshida Naoki and the primary story writer Banri Oda about the future of Final Fantasy XIV.

    As the player may know already, Final Fantasy XIV could be the latest MMO by the popular JRPG franchise, but it's not the primary. Final Fantasy XI is the first MMO from the series and premiered in 2002 for PlayStation 2 and PC with cross-play. It eventually found the Xbox 360. Due to the accumulation from the front, Final Fantasy XIV can be quite popular with players, and lots of players buy FFXIV Gil.

    In an interview with Spieletipps, developers asked about the sequel plan. Since I don't speak German, the answer provided by Google Translate:

    Yoshida said: "There is no plan to develop Final Fantasy 14 sequel. Square Enix insists on the concept of the game, hopes to provide content and update the story about the update." In short: there is no prospect for a new online branch. "

    Alternatively, in other words, Final Fantasy XIV has just released an extension, which is one of the highest-rated versions of the year and hailed as one of the greatest franchises in the entire 30-year history, in addition to our number of users. It is a good game that is doing a good job overall. Even if they are making or planning to make a sequel, it will be utterly self-destructive at the peak of the current game.

    I think which more than time, there will be another Final Fantasy MMO, plus the industry continues to evolve, or otherwise future non-MMO games will borrow the ideas and highlights of Final Fantasy XIV to aid life in spirit, but this time talk about it This is stupid. Players are presently buying Final Fantasy 14 Gil to win the trophy to be able to win hanging around.