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  • In spite of the fact that scarcely a moment long, the artistic trailer gives us a look at what's coming up. Here, take a look:Right presently subtleties are light, however the studio says the new substance is "fixated on speed" and introduces authorized Rocket League Trading substance from NASC...
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Final Fantasy XIV: NieR raid, new game + ... 5.1 patch details,

  • The 5.1 patches will introduce novelty for all phases: in terms of scenes, the epic sequel will take us into a new dungeon, the Coruscant Cosmos, which we can use to navigate through the adjustment system to form a team with an NPC. New challenges (currently confidential) and Pixies tribal missions will also add, and Blue Master's work will receive individual attention. In the program: Improve the highest level (60), significant masquerade events and new work tasks, and form a group between the Blue Masters to perform specific tasks and get a variety of FFXIV Gil and rewards. Other work will benefit from general adjustments based on player feedback, the most important being Ninja (Ninjutsu remake), summoner, and warrior plan.

    Artisans and harvesters will be able to begin the reconstruction of Ishgaard and will need to complete the task to build the new Azurée district. It will be a joint effort between players on the same server, knowing that the progress of the work may vary from server to server.

    Another new feature: new parts + mode. In patch 5.1, this feature will replay all epic quests that Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers extend. The content divided into chapters: for example, Heavensward includes two sections of the basic story and two other chapters covering updates 3.1 through 3.5. Of course, the player's level is synchronized with the level of the relevant content and does not receive Final Fantasy 14 Gil and mission rewards. A realm regenerative mission, a new era chronicle, work/role missions, and subtasks will add later.

    Then, an unprecedented social feature report: "Scholarships." Square Enix uses this as a "quick and easy way to exchange information, whether it's an announcement through a panel or a search for a dungeon companion." Up to 1000 players from the same data center can combine into one "scholarship."

    Finally, the first part of the league attack (24 players) YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse showed some images. We will name it "Copy Factory," and we will cross the "2P" road, which is a variant of 2B wearing white and an enemy known to NieR Automata players. The game's composer Keiichi Okabe is responsible for creating music that will break through this raid. Players can look forward to it.