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The Elder Scrolls Online with plans for 2020 and beyond

  • The Elder Scrolls Online was launched on the PC in 2014, but the distribution was not as smooth or successful as the developer ZeniMax Online Studios wanted. Only one year after the release, ZeniMax announced that the game will cancel its mandatory subscription requirements and launch a version of the console to help reverse the situation.

    Their creative director, Lambert, said in a panel discussion on the "game as a service" model that change is the "core" of the "game as a service" gaming experience. Lambert said: "With a single-player game, you can complete the game by releasing the game." But for MMOs like ESO, continuing to support and update the game and supporting and supporting the community is critical to success. However, Lambert did not provide any details about ESO's content plan for 2020 and beyond. The guidelines for using ESO Gold are the same as before.

    In the panel discussion, Lambert talked about the importance of maintaining transparency and communication with fans during the development process and related challenges. One of the challenges, says Lambert, is that fans can sometimes treat developers' comments as "gospels" and expect big changes to be released soon. But game development can be a long process and faces many behind-the-scenes challenges.

    ESO is considered to be the story of a comeback. Unlike Warframe, it began to be moderately popular and gradually became more and more successful. Lambert recalled that ESO was "not a game that people want" when it was released in 2014. He said the studio worked hard to reverse the situation with Tamriel Unlimited updates and console distribution. “It’s hard,” Lambert recalls.

    Another important milestone for ESO is the release of the One Tamriel update in 2016. Lambert pointed out that this major update will help improve the accessibility of ESOs and attract new players. This update removes some doors that restrict certain players from accessing certain content. Lambert said that this changed with the update of One Tamriel and helped to further realize the illusion of the Elder Scrolls, that is, to be able to do anything anywhere. Finally, if you want to know more about ESO Gold For Sale or Buy Elder Scrolls Online Gold, look for IGGM.