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Path of Exile 2: What to Expect

  • At the ExileCon conference in New Zealand, Grinding Gear Games officially announced the arrival of the Path of Exile 2. Developers have even described Path of Exile 2 as a game that can be closely linked to rival game Diablo IV. Although Blizzard has increased its budget for its precious franchise, it seems that Grinding Gear Games is full of confidence, claiming that "any kind of company with a lot of money can easily produce beautiful graphics".

    So, what do we expect from Path of Exile 2? Can GGG bring new features that have not yet been completed? Will POE Currency and POE Orbs be as important as they are now? The following is the relevant information that has been learned so far.

    1. Beta testing will begin in late 2020. Although there is no exact release date, Grinding Gear Games has said that it may be released when the PS5 and Xbox Scarlet are available. Therefore, we can expect that once these two consoles are officially launched, Path of Exile 2 can be played. We can expect the first beta of Path of Exile 2 to begin in late 2020.

    2. Path of Exile 2 is not a complete sequel. POE 2 is not meant to be a completely new game, and Chris Wilson, the co-founder of Grinding Gear Games, emphasizes that. Path of Exile 2 will implement a new skill system, with more upgrades for you to choose and graphics improvements. If you've been playing the original Path of Exile for many years, rest assured, as all cosmetics in the game will also be inherited, as will the items and characters you've accumulated.

    3. Path of Exile 2 will be free. This is not surprising, as Path of Exile itself is a free game. Grinding Gear Games has been a developer for several years and they have been listening to the community for announcing that everything is free, which is simply generous. Path of Exile 2 will launch seven new action battles for players to experience and will be held 20 years after Kitava the Endless.

    4. Some beautiful graphics. Frankly, Path of Exile is not perfect in some ways. Path of Exile 2 will feature a new coating as it will have new lighting models and physically-based rendering capabilities to make the world look realistic. Thanks to these new models and animations, the colors of the characters will also become more vivid.

    In short, thanks to better graphics and a new skill system, Path of Exile 2 shows great promise and looks like a major improvement over the already good ARPG. What do you think of this highly anticipated "update"? Will the way of growing POE Currency Buy such as POE Orbs change? You can enter the official forum for discussion.