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  • From October 18th to November 1st, WoW Classic players will be welcoming the second festival event - Hallow's End and receive various rewards. Players can accept new quests at specific NPCs, and NPC will also offer tricks and treats. The event celebrates the split between the Forsaken (undead) and t...
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"Path of Exile" leads to austerity: 'I will not run this compa

  • "Path of Exile" chief developer Chris Wilson does not want his staff to be nervous about launching an update to the online action role-playing game. This is based on Wilson's lengthy Reddit post on Wednesday, which addresses some of the community's concerns about the ongoing development of the game.

    Wilson said: "Some studios let their team work 14 hours a day to package each patch, including the most fixes and improvements." "Sometimes when we read our own patch description thread and community feedback, we feel that we I was asked to do the same thing. I will not run this company like that."

    Although he believes that some overtime pay is inevitable, especially after the launch of the new "Path of Exile" alliance, Wilson said that most of the game's development cycle has a good work and life balance. He said that this is necessary to keep the Grinding Gear Games team healthy and healthy for a long time, but it also means that players will have to wait longer to make some necessary improvements. Players can take this opportunity to pick up more Path of Exile Currency to welcome the next new version.

    Developer austerity is currently a hot topic in the gaming industry, with many calling for unions to protect workers from suspected exploitation. In recent months, there have been reports of working long hours in major studios such as BioWare and Epic Games. Some BioWare employees told Kotaku that they have depression and anxiety. According to reports, other people have to accept doctors to order pressure leave for weeks or months. However, the studio dismissed these claims and expressed great importance to the health and well-being of team members.

    At the same time, more than a dozen of current and former employees of Epic Games told Polygon that they often work more than 70 hours a week after the great success of the battle royale title "Fortnite." Others said they worked for 100 hours and Rockstar recently filed a claim. Participate in the game developer of "Red Dead Redemption 2".

    As for the "path of exile", Wilson said that due to the team's ongoing efforts to solve the problem, some issues have not yet been satisfied by the community. For example, the question about the number of POE Items. He said that the new comprehensive alliance of this game is more than they expected. The upcoming "large expansion" also took up a lot of time in the studio. The South Korean release of "Path of Exile" and this year's ExileCon are also true. While many of the things the team is working on will make "major and lasting fundamental improvements" to the game, Wilson said they paid the price.

    "I am sorry," he said. “Our relationship with the community is one of our key values. We believe that our internal emphasis on long-term improvement “Path of Exile” has caused some damage to this relationship in the short term. We will ensure that we are solving immediate problems and realizing game needs. Find a good balance between long-term improvements."