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Questions about Final Fantasy XIV and FF tactics: Who is Elidib

  • Regarding the story cycle of Final Fantasy XIV's Stormblood, the "Return Ivalice" raid series combines Tactics games and Final Fantasy XII into MMOs. Asking this question, is the Elidibus in Final Fantasy tactics the same as the Ascidian messenger of FFXIV? Is it Elidibus? To understand this, we should first look at our understanding of Elidibus in Tactics.

    Elidibus, also known as Elidibs, is a legendary wizard who is said to be a hero in the Fifty Years War. He has the thirteenth auricite and can use its power to become a Lucavi demon. He is the optional boss between Addrammelech and Hashmal. You can also buy it at the website store, just like buying FFXIV Gil.

    In the battle, Elidibus used several powerful spells, including moving Zodark, Magi City of Gariland is his hometown. As for the Elidibus, the messenger in FFXIV, although he appeared in the mission of the Seventh Star Age, we don't know much about him. What we know is that Elidibus is far less neutral than he originally claimed.

    Although there is not much evidence to support that Ascian Elidibus is a guide from Tactics, the fact that these two games do share the same universe makes it a bit possible. The wizard Elidibus uses the same name movement as the Ascian Emissary to work as a clue, but Zodiak is a recyclable character like many other characters in the Final Fantasy series.

    It also gives an interesting story arc to both characters. From the hero to the Lucavi demon to the dark-aligned messenger, if both Elidibus are the same, he will have one of the most subtle background stories of the FFXIV NPC. FFXIV Gil is also a must in this story, and players can use it to purchase the items they need to achieve their goals.

    However, my theory is far from the only theory available. Other theories suggest that Elidibus is Warburton Wade, Aulus Mal Asina, Teledji Adeledji, or secretly supports us.