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Next League of Path of Exile Is Scheduled to begins early next

  • Developer Grinding Gear Games announced today that it has locked in the upcoming expansion of Path of Exile but not yet announced. The free game ARPG extension was released on February 19. On the PC, it was released on March 8, followed by the Xbox One released on March 11.

    The situation with the PS4 is a bit tricky. The Path of Exile should have been launched in December last year, but with the release of the current active Betrayal alliance, it was eventually postponed until early February.

    Although the "early" in February has almost passed, and there is no further detail after the release of the PS4, developers said that mid-March may be the release window for the exile path to be expanded in the Sony console. The PlayStation store also lists the exile route as a February release.

    For anyone who doesn't know, Path of Exile resets the progress each time a new league is introduced, and completely replaces the last league mechanism with the new one. In addition to the new start and updated economy of all players who choose to participate in the league, they must also deal with new challenges to get these coveted POE PS4 Currency.

    The Path of Exile's betrayal remains active until March, featuring the king's chain of konjac, where the player murders and manipulates the immortal syndicate members to discover their leader's identity and gain a variety of shiny spoils.

    Past alliances include ground fractures that produce monsters, or time-lapse adventures to explore ancient temples. It is also worth noting that some of the more popular past mechanisms have been integrated into the stable part of the gameplay of the road to exile.

    Path of Exile is free and can be downloaded from its website, Steam or Console Store. You can also purchase POE Currency, Items and POE Exalted Orb at the store.