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The Path of Exile's Legion will change the battle and lay the

  • In 2019, Path of Exile has seen some changes that have made action RPG develop in some exciting ways. With the launch of the ambitious comprehensive update, the addition of dynamic levels, loot and new alliance participation, the free game action RPG finally entered the PS4 in March, bringing the game to all three core platforms. However, the developers of Grinding Gear Games still have a lot of game storage space, and their next major update plan will lay the foundation for Path of Exile in the next few years.

    In the forthcoming Legion Update, released on the PC on June 7 and released on the console on June 10, Path of Exile will launch a series of new changes and quality of life upgrades for the game. In addition to adding new class prototypes and new alliances, there are also some unique loot forms to find and fight monsters, of which POE Currency is essential. However, the most important change is the overhauled combat system, which is intended to make the melee in PoE feel more responsive and impactful.

    In the speech of Chris Wilson, general manager of Grinding Gear Games, he detailed the contents of Legion and some of the amazing lessons they learned from the last expansion of Synthesis.

    "Synthesis is a tricky issue for us because, to some extent, we may be more likely to be bitten off than complex designs," Wilson said. "We are very happy how it went out, some players did not, so we made some improvements and are more satisfied after that. Looking ahead, we know that we must better fight melee, and our initial plan is with us. The large expansion to achieve this goal together, this extension will be launched in the next year or so. We have to update it a lot to be able to achieve this goal immediately. Together with other games in the future. So we have a plan, And managed to complete Legion in time. What we came up with was not to save it; we will now make the game better and release it."

    In terms of effectiveness, Legion is slightly better than large-scale content compared to the Delve and Synthesis updates, both of which are added to the program-generated maps and complex schedule systems assigned to each map. Although the Legion has its own story missions and unique enemies in the form of generals, this particular update is about existing systems and improvements to upgrade the game. This update has nothing to do with the settings in the game, etc., as well as the POE Exalted Orb. However, as Wilson said, the main focus of the Legion is to provide enough content for "repeatable fun."

    Of course, case a brief summary of some in the key top features of the Legion. In addition to these latest features, this update should include a complete number of quality of life improvements for Atlas maps, new socket jewels, plus a substantial rebalancing of monsters perfectly found on the early section of the event. The renewal from the Legion remains one on the many planned expansions of Path of Exile, and it's gradually establishing the announcement from the next major expansion on ExileCon in November.