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    The Adidas Swift Run Men's/Women's was originally introduced last summer, and for Easter Sunday, adidas Originals will be releasing two new spring-inspired colorways for men and women. Both featuring Primeknit construction, sock-like collars, subtle Three Stripe branding on the sides atop an EVA m...
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The new PvP Dungeon comes to MapleStory M in the "The Legends R

  • MapleStory M is pleased to announce the "The Legends Return" update on iOS and Android! This dynamic update allows players to choose from eight Maple World Legends in the new PvP dungeon, unlocking valuable Kemdi dice in-game events, allowing players to experience The Spring Wonder Wheel and more.

    PvP dungeons include two modes available: ranking mode and free mode. The ranking mode allows players to face each other in a 3 to 3 battle. The rating is then determined based on the seasonal ranking, and the player automatically receives seasonal Maplestory M Mesos based on the grades obtained and the results of the wins and losses. Free mode gives players the right to choose a battle with up to five other players, allowing highly customizable and even unbalanced teams to ask for additional challenges. Various legends of the dungeon include Ryude, Athena Pierce, Manji, Mike, Dark Lord, Grendel the Really Old, Mu Gong and Moonbeam.

    In other content additions, the mini-game station added 4 mini-games. In addition, Gold Leaf Shop, character rebalancing and general UI/UX improvements have been applied based on player needs.

    Launched globally on July 24, 2018, MapleStory M brings the nostalgic whole world of popular MMORPG MapleStory to mobile, offering hordes of customizations, immersive storylines and epic boss raids that fans have fallen from epic Expected from the franchise. MapleStory M comes in 140 countries and 9 languages, and tens of millions of downloads were quickly downloaded within 100 era of global release.It is recommended that players prepare for the full Maplestory Mobile Mesos at mmoah before entering the game to meet the challenge.

    Nexon America, a subsidiary of NEXON CoLtd, has a lot more than 80 live games in a lot more than 190 countries around the globe and is a world online game leader. Nexon America has launched micro-transactions and free-to-business models inside the Western market, with unparalleled global expertise in complex live game operations, fostering you community, and continuing the title for decades or even decades. Nexon is listed around the Tokyo Stock Exchange, that has been included inside Nikkei Index of 300 in 2017.