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The melee reform of Path of Exile is finally here

  • The Path of Exile Corps update is here, and it has some of the longest patch descriptions I have ever seen. The two most important changes are, first of all, it adds a new Legion Challenge Alliance, where you will visit the battlefield to freeze in time, smash the enemies to wake them up and collect a bunch of spoils. Second, and perhaps more importantly, it includes Action-RPG's long-awaited melee overhaul, which should make the enemy on the face more satisfying.

    When you attack, you can hit multiple targets by default after the reform, and before, the game will automatically select a target for you, which reduces the accuracy of melee. Of course, now you can also interrupt the release of skills by moving. As long as you don't do any damage to your skills, you can go straight to another skill immediately.

    Your accuracy is no longer limited to 95%, which means that the enemy will not be able to avoid certain attacks. Enemies with shields can block attacks, but they only block a portion of the damage, not all. Animation should now be smoother: Dual-handed people will "alternate attacks in a more natural way", making your deputy weapon selection even more important. The weapon you use is naturally suitable for you. You should need to purchase POE Currency in the mall or some websites selling game coins to ensure that you can get the best weapon for you in the game.

    The way the enemy attacks has also changed: they don't just lock on you, they do damage on the 120-degree arc in front of them, which means you can avoid obstacles if you are fast enough. The enemy is now attacking slowly, so it is easier to react with the appropriate action or skill before being hit.

    For the Legion Challenge Alliance, players will find the boulder they can activate in the world to unfreeze the ancient battlefield and defeat the new active soldiers. You will get a "great reward" from these soldiers, you may even get a split, you can combine it into a badge. Placing two or more badges on the map device will take you into the eternal conflict area, where you will fight against some of the troops you have faced and the new powerful generals.

    This update also adds a long list of skill gems, POE Orbs and POE Trade Currency, including incubators, which only show up when you kill a certain number of monsters. If you are interested, please see the full patch description. You can click on the title in the content to read a specific section.