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Path of Exile launches Legion League in a comprehensive melee

  • Path of Exile: The Legion officially launched and brought one of the biggest patches in the history of the game, both for overhaul of melee combat and for the huge amount of data required to make the game update.

    The free-to-play action RPG has been very popular, and the developer Grinding Gear Games has discussed these changes that will be implemented in a few months. Still, the number of changes is still unbelievable and can be seen in full in 14,000 patch descriptions.

    As with the start of each league, you will need to create a new character. Occasionally, when playing a game, you will find a special boulder that you find when playing games. These produce a group of frozen enemies from Wraeclast's past, and damage to these enemies will activate them, and if defeated within a certain amount of time will lose a unique bonus and a certain amount of POE Currency.

    There are a total of five different legions that can lay eggs: Maraketh, Karui, Templars, Vaal and Eternal Empire. Similar to violations, each has a different spawning rate and minimum area level. The most enemies that can spawn at the moment are 300, so don't take it lightly!

    You can now cancel the skill animation before or after the damage occurs. This can be done by moving or using other skills. This includes canceling multiple attacks like Double Strike, which can now be queued. This change is bound to have a major impact on the way games play at the highest level.

    The ability to cancel an animation not only allows for a more proficient game or a quick retreat, but in other games it can artificially reduce the cooldown of certain actions by weaving a light attack. The overhaul of the battle not only affected the players but also the enemies. So far, this has brought a new feeling to the game. The animation of enemy attacks is clearer than before and easier to learn and avoid. At the same time, players are more penalized because they are now more vulnerable to attacks. In fact, such an attacker can make up for it by using Path of Exile Currency.

    The best way to describe enemy updates is that Path of Exile now feels more like Dauntless and Monster Hunter than a Diablo-style game. This is a bit exaggerated, because the enemy is still falling rapidly, but now players seem to focus on mobility, proper positioning, not just standing in the ground and sending spam.