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How to get a treasure box in MapleStory M

  • Players understand specifically how much money to pay on MapleStory M is key to steadily dancing in the game, especially in view that resources are generally very rich, nevertheless, they can only give you a limited amount for everybody. You should not need to spend money on issues that might be free. Although the devices in Maple Story M are indispensable for you personally, they do not have for being purchased with Maplestory M Mesos. There are actually several unique ways to get these devices, however, you will find the most common is to get the unit from the treasure chest. So how to acquire a treasure box in MapleStory M is essential.

    Players actually get a free treasure box every day. Simply go to the Cash Shop and redeem the treasure box from the menu showing the vendor's merchandise to access the content. The first time is free, after which you have to have 50,000 Mesos per box. Equipment can also be purchased through the trading station. Keep in mind that although Meso is very rich in MapleStory M, you will find that the price of items, equipment and everything else is very high, especially at the beginning of the game. To use your MS M Mesos diligently, don't blow it to too many treasure chests, which is tempting.

    It's worth noting that equipment can even fall as a reward for completing elite-level dungeons, so consider upgrading your character at the earliest opportunity so that you can benefit from these dungeons and obtain rewards, as an alternative to essentially gambling.

    The above is what you need to know how to get a treasure box in MapleStory M.