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Abrasives don't mind the comparison between Path of Exile and

  • We recently spoke with Chris Wilson, co-founder of Grinding Gear Games, and asked if he would mind the comparison between Path of Exile and Diablo. The answer is no way. On the contrary, in fact, he found that they were very flattering.

    Oops, just starting ARPG itself is a comparison with Blizzard's iconic franchise. Whether you like it or hate it, Diablo is widely regarded as the benchmark for hacking ARPG games, and you may not release it if you can't match it at least.

    Wilson reminded that the development of the road to exile is seriously affected by other ARPG titles, and it is foolish to ignore Diablo's POE Currency, if not impossible. He went on to say that in the same sentence as Path of Exile, the Diablo was a compliment to himself, and we cannot disagree.

    While it's easy to overlook that this problem is nothing more than a small jab, it actually shows how small abrasives can challenge large blizzards. Doing this in their own games is not something that many people dare to think about, let alone try. However, Wilson and the company did this, not just to tell the story.

    Wilson added: "From a garage with 3 random kids to a studio, let people compare such a great game, it's really cool." Of course, the team of Grinding Gear has grown substantially since then, but it is still far below the level of Blizzard, which makes the dilemma of the road to exile even more impressive.

    With an uncompromising pinpoint the development of high-quality ARPGs along with the healthy attitude for the game, David took over Goliath together with his own Path of Exile Currency, sculpting numerous Diablos. They are definitely not complete, as is the game's PlayStation 4 version will probably be available sometime in February 2019, and Grinding Gear announced intentions to beat Path of Exile: Betrayal's 188,970 player release records.

    However, Wilson cautioned that although they have similarities, the "hardcore tendency" or "Path of Exile" is unique to the game, causing players to call it "Path of Excel." “Considering that they may provide more funding for mainstream audiences, this is not something that other studios can really afford.”

    You can find a complete interview with Wilson on the POE website or the MMOAH website.