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Players worry: Path of Exile will be as casual as Diablo 3

  • It is said that the super and complex action RPG Path of Exile has a new extension called the Legion. Just a week ago, a player reached the new highest level. The player questioned that the game has become too casual and straightforward? What happened? Path of Exile's new legion expansion release on June 11, 2019. Just a few days later, a full-time player has reached the new highest level of 100. In Hardcore mode, Permadeath ruled, and everything disappeared after death.

    Besides, SSF (Solo Self Found) is applicable. You can't act there, and you have to get everything you use. Therefore, it is impossible to exchange ideal POE Items or Buy POE Orbs with other players. Path of Exile is too easy or is the player too good? Is it no longer a hardcore game? Since you reached the highest level in a few days, some players are beginning to doubt whether the Path of Exile is too easy.

    After all, reaching this level should take weeks and months. How can it happen so fast? The highly praised overweight action RPG alternatives are now also the way of Diablo III. Many POE players strongly reject this game because of they pretend accidental load.

    The highest-level lucky master is not a casual Bob, but a Steelmage202 from Method. His approach is to first hit the world's toughest new raid in World of Warcraft. This ambition may also appear in the "path of exile," while the Steelmage 202 was slaughtered for a few hours with great dedication, using a particularly useful structure.

    He mainly uses the damage caused by time and equipment acquired by POE Currency, and then assigns it to large-scale opponents, further damaging their opponents. In this way, he found a way to pass the advanced instance. He just killed on the assembly line and was not embarrassed by Looting and other distractions. It is how he gets XP at a breakneck speed and can keep up to date.

    That's why the Path of Exile should be more straightforward: the game itself seems to be reasonably substantial, it's just a mighty, ambitious player. Despite this, the difficulty of exiting the Path of Exile is now not so great.

    Because developers are no longer eager for good builds as they have in the past, projects from alliances to alliances are better, and the player's general skills are growing steadily. Anyone who involves for a long time knows the system and can adjust it faster than before.

    It is not to say that the game is lax, but that players are getting more and more skills and better POE Items. For some of them, Path of Exile is too easy.