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After the free betrayal update, the direction to Path of Exile

  • The free betrayal expansion of the method to Path of Exile means that you can act as a detective, apparently resonating with players: soon after the launch yesterday, ARPG broke its concurrent player record and recorded 117,000 people on Steam in the peak.

    According to Steam Charts, this is the first time the action has had greater than 100,000 concurrent players on Steam, and a lot more than twice the quantity of players in the earlier three months, plus more players have purchased POE Currency. Judging by the number of players who had been through the action's standalone client, the lead developer Chris Wilson said, the overall number of players could be close to 200,000.

    Regarding betrayal, it is a huge update that rejoins the old league into the main game, adding new owners, missions, maps and skills, and unifying hiding places. The setting for this update is that when the player faces a group of Necromancer Immortal Syndicate, the detective will appear. To stop them, you must hunt down members from the four divisions of the organization and ask them to understand their structure.

    You can convince them to betray their accomplices, and you will eventually search for a safe house full of POE Items to get high-level members. In the end, you will face the planner behind the whole thing. As Stevens pointed out, it is different from the Vengeance system of the Devil War and War.

    Path of Exile can be played for free on Steam.