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Realm Royale isn’t going to usurp Fortnite yet

  • Realm Royale, the idea of ​​Hi-Rez Studios, is currently available for download for a number of certain players from online PC game stores, Steam. go to the game itself. Like the recent Fortnite phenomenon, it revolves around the battle of the battleship to the end, when players race to kill all their opponents in medieval fantasy land. It also displays bright cartoon graphics and similar aesthetics.

    The Realm Royale operates on the formula whoever plays the battle royale game will recognize. Up to 100 players fell from the plane to the playing field shrinking, scavenging equipment and eliminating competition until only one was left. The game shakes this formula by throwing character classes and abilities. Before falling into the game, players can choose to play as magicians, hunters, soldiers, engineers, or murderers. All of these classes have the same amount of health, but each has slightly different attributes and very different abilities. If you are in need of Cheap Realm Royale Top Up, come to mmocs.com, where you can enjoy the cheapest price online and 3% off with a coupon code “MMOCSVIP”.

    Each player starts with a knife and their class's basic abilities. Since then they have to look for weapons, armor and abilities, looting crates found in most buildings throughout the map. Another unique aspect of this game is when you die. When you get killed, the game doesn't end soon. Instead you turn into a chicken that raises a white flag. As a chicken, you can run and jump, avoiding shots no doubt heading towards you. If you can last for 30 seconds as a chicken, you respawn, get another chance to win.

    If you die like a chicken, this game ends and you drop all of your equipment, like other royale fighting games. Most of the time, this does not give you many opportunities to return. The chicken is slow, easy to hit, and makes a loud clanking sound when moving. However, several times I survived and breathed very satisfactorily. This is a great mechanic when playing in a team or duo of four people, because teammates can draw the enemy's focus to give you time to get back up. This also helps to avoid the example of a teammate dying early and basically just together to travel most of the game.