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Are you looking for a task?

  • Are you looking for a task?
    The residents of the Twelve Worlds have an important mission. In the case of your mission, if you help them solve the problem, you will get dofus kamas, experience bonus and random rare equipment. You can also get more scarce equipment by accepting invitations from opponents!

    What is Dofus?

    Dofus is a dragon egg with a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. The most interesting are the six original Dofus: Emerald, Ochre, Turquoise, Crimson, Ivory, and Ebony. They are scattered in the Twelve Worlds. Anyone who can gather all six dragon eggs will become like God. powerful.
    Therefore, many gamers are running around the world in the 12th world in order to collect these six dragon eggs. Continue to complete all kinds of difficult games and challenges to collect dragon eggs through this way.

    Classes: Different classes bring you different game experiences.

    There are 18 classes in dofus, you can choose the one that suits you best. For example, Eniripsas, Eniripsas is a therapist in the game, it can heal injured teammates by his own spells, and he can heal quickly when he is hurt. It carries up to 42 spells in your own game and maximizes the potential of Eniripsas.

    DOFUS not only has 18 broad classes, but it can also be deeply customized. You can use them to make simple bread or high-end hats, cloaks, belts, boots, rings, amulets or weapons. You can even improve your existing equipment with Smithmagic.

    Community: a place to make friends

    You are not alone in the game alone! DOFUS allows you to communicate, share, plot, and advise everyone in the community through the community... but staying friendly and courteous is a prerequisite for normal interaction, everyone in the community is friendly and they can help You complete multiplayer missions, explore together, discover treasures, and more.
    Don't let shyness trap your friends, share stories with community friends, exchange upgrades, explore dungeons, and experience against bosses can help you find friends. You can even set up a long-term team to form a long-term team to meet a group of friends and get to know a group of mercenaries.

    If your kamas dofus in the game is not enough, you can buy a lot of kamas on our website for your upgrade in the game. Our website: https://www.mmoah.fr/