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  • From October 18th to November 1st, WoW Classic players will be welcoming the second festival event - Hallow's End and receive various rewards. Players can accept new quests at specific NPCs, and NPC will also offer tricks and treats. The event celebrates the split between the Forsaken (undead) and t...
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WORLD OF WARCRAFT: Holiday activities

  • WORLD OF WARCRAFT: Holiday activities

    This week's holiday event is open! Open your most detailed map and make a route across the regions of Kul Tiras and Zandalar – now is the best time to devote yourself to the world.

    Activity this week 1: World Mission
    Open your map this week (default: M) and see the world missions you can complete in all areas of Kul Tiras and Zandalari. Hover your mouse over the world task on the map to see the conditions needed to complete the task, the rewards provided, and the time remaining for the task.

    In the following week:

        Zhadassa and the recorder of the Peralus will provide you with a mission - the world is waiting. Or, if you forget to pick up the quest, you can also open the quest in the adventure manual.
            Mission requirements: complete 20 world missions
            Mission reward: 1000 war materials
        Passive Gain Effect: Increases reputation gained from world missions by 50%.

    If you want to make a good impression on the prestige ambassador, this week is the best chance!
    Sharpen your blade and raise your banner. The PvP Arena has been summoned, and the busy and chaotic practice has begun!
    Of course, you can also choose to buy excellent equipment at the beginning of the game to ensure that you win in the game! For details, please click https://www.zzwow.com/wow-classic-gold for details.

    Activity 2 of the week: Arena practice

    This week, no matter where you are in Azeroth, you can open Team Finder (default shortcut: I), select the PvP tab under the window, and then select 2v2 or 3v3 in Arena Battle. Click on "Join Battle". You will automatically match your teammates and opponents who are strangled with you in the arena.

    In the following week:

        Zhadassa and the recorder of the Burarus will provide you with a mission. If you forget to pick up the quest, you can also open the quest in the Adventures Manual (default shortcut: Shift+J).
            Mission Requirements: Win 10 PvP Arena practice wins
            Mission Reward: Candidate's Equipment Box, Shining Azerite's Core, Conquest Points
        Passive Gain Effect: 50% increase in honors gained during practice

    If you want to get some honor points, this week is the best time!

    What is a holiday event?

    Holiday events will alternately add different game behaviors according to the schedule. According to the current plan, holiday activities will start on Thursday every week. Each holiday event provides a passive bonus to a certain game behavior and provides a one-time task that can be rewarded with a reward. You can view the in-game calendar to see the upcoming event schedule. The Adventure Guide also provides the most direct access to holiday activities, so you can easily get the appropriate tasks.