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Portable Jaw Crusher Plant With High Quality

  • Portable jaw crusher plant adopts movable frame with traction movement of vehicle head. It is suitable for large mining factories, construction sites and places with bad environment. This portable crusher plant equipment consists of feeder, tire, generator set, iron remover, belt conveyor bracket, leg, jaw crusher and so on. The equipment can be flexibly configured according to actual production needs.

    1. Flexible configuration. As mentioned above, the integrated portable jaw gravel crusher can be flexibly configured with a variety of equipment. Under different configurations, it can effectively crush the stone, with good crushing effect and high output.

    2. Strong mobility. The portable crusher ensures its good movability and can be directly opened to the stone material production site. Without installation, it can be put into the belt production work, saving time and labor.

    3. Intelligent automation. Using PLC automatic operating system, one key start, remote control, one person can complete the stone crushing production operation, high degree of automation, saving human investment costs.

    4. Energy saving and environmental protection. The components are compact, equipped with dust removal devices, noise elimination devices, reducing environmental pollution, energy saving and environmental protection meet the requirements of contemporary production.