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How to Operate the Raymond Mill?

  • In recent years, Raymond mill has been continuously improved, improved and upgraded, and now it is one of the most commonly used grinding equipment in China. Raymond mill is widely used in our country. It is a newly designed mill based on traditional equipment. The equipment can be used for grinding various materials of different ores.

    Raymond mill has many skills in use. Scientific and rational use of Raymond mill can reduce the failure rate and prolong the service life of Raymond mill.

    1. The fine adjustment of Raymond mill requires the combination of air flow and the speed of classifier. Reasonable allocation of air volume and speed two elements, can achieve a win-win situation of output and fineness! In the production of crude powder is 40-80 mesh, the classifier can stop running, the fan air door is fully open, if possible, try to remove the classifier disc, in order to reduce the pressure loss of the fan! When producing fine powder, it is necessary to turn on the motor of the classifier. If conditions permit, a frequency converter can be provided to the motor of the classifier. The speed of the classifier can be steplessly regulated. The principle of producing fine powder is to maximize the air flow as much as possible. In the case of allowable power, the speed of the classifier should be adjusted as much as possible. High wind speed and high speed are the guarantee of high quality of fine powder.

    2. Raymond mill must use silo and electromagnetic vibration feeder. The uniform feeding of Raymond mill is directly related to roll assembly and motor. Too much feeding will lead to long-term overload operation or stalling of motor. The uneven feeding will cause stress impact on the inner bearing and oil seal of the grinding roller, and the stress frequency is irregular, thus reducing the service life of the bearing and oil seal.

    3. Check the closure of the lower part of the cyclone separator of Raymond grinding equipment in time to ensure that the cyclone separator keeps away from the wind, so as to avoid the internal circulation of the powder caused by the return air, low output and high power consumption of the fan, etc.