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Rocket League is going to be updated in PS Now in July 2019

  • PlayStation has announced how the next batch of games will join its popular PlayStation Now service in July, led because of the spectacular Rocket League of football and car sports.

    A total of 13 games were added this month, along with the Rocket League Keys was put into the top by Borderlands: The Handsome Collection only agreed to be retired a few weeks ago as a PS Plus game. In addition, the vampire adventure Vampyr along with the classic first-person shooter Red Faction II's PlayStation 2 version join the service, allowing users to reach more than 600 games inside library monthly.

    According to your PlayStation blog, here is a complete listing of additions:
    Rocket league
    Frontier: the handsome collection
    Nightmare 2 from your Abyss: Call on the Police Flute
    Dark Treasure: Carnival
    Tachyon project
    Rapala Fishing: Professional Series
    MXGP3 - Official Motocross Video Game
    Real farm
    Red Faction II (PS2)
    Rad Rodgers

    PlayStation Now recently changed the plan to Buy Rocket League Keys allow users to download games as opposed to specifically transferring games. It becomes a sensible move, and after being exposed in April, wonderful. twice as fashionable as downloading games instead of streaming games, improving the service reach 700,000 users.