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Albion Online: Percival expansion brings solo dungeons

  • The seventh post-launch update continues to be released for Albion Online. The expansion called "Percival" gives gamers randomly created solo dungeons, many new solutions to customize and highlight characters and mounts, new enemies, spells, and skills, plus more.

    About the innovations, the developers write: "'Percival' brings single-player randomized dungeons that bring a distinctive PvE experience every time they enter. These solo dungeons are situated in the entire open arena of Albion Online Silver and contain numerous challenges and rewards. Adventurers will quickly realize special maps that demonstrate the way to particularly challenging solo dungeons, where besides harder opponents, and also more valuable loot await. 

    Furthermore, 'Percival' comes with a comprehensive new customization system in which players can start to play Dozens of new hairstyles, beards, and faces may add personality thus to their characters, and the additional appearance enhancements works extremely well in-game during character creation, along with later inside the newly-launched Buy Albion Online Silver customization view, using a large choice of mountaineering skins Allows to switch the rest hunts the mounts.  Also, new creatures have crawled out from the depths of Albion to oppose intrepid adventurers. These newly designed mobs have a variety of unknown spells and skills which require players to devise new strategies and tactics. Fortunately, also, there are many new spells and skills for various weapons  "

    Other features and improvements:

    "Personal Bank Extensions
    New methods of 20 vs. 20 city fights
    Different chat channels many different languages
    GvG fights about the crystal plane smooth out of season possible
    New cuts for randomized group dungeons "