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MapleStory M: How to develop a PC link event


    MapleStory M's mobile derivatives on MMORPG, offering experience versions on Android and iOS, every bit as good as the original PC. But experienced MapleStory players are going to be happy to realize that both versions from the game can be linked, below is how you can complete the PC link event in MapleStory M.

    It is extremely simple, you simply need to find your MapleStory administrator from the PC version with the game, this NPC is available almost. I bought a very cheap Maplestory M Mesos on the mmoah website, which saved me a lot of money. Interact with her and click on "Talk to Maple Admin" then click the "Check MapleM Cross Event String" option. The administrator will provide you with the access code. Now you have to open MapleStory M, access the settings menu, options, and click on "Link PC" at the end left in the screen. You can be prompted to penetrate the access code offered by Maple Admin. Just go into the code to link your money.

    Now which you have linked your, open MapleStory M and click on on the scroll inside the upper right corner with the window to come up with your tasks. If you want to Buy Maplestory M Mesos Welcome to MMOAH website. You will now discover that the "Daily PC" task is added that you complete. These should be completed within twenty-four hours before the refresh. An example of a task may be "Hunt 100 Monsters" or "Get 10 projects" etc. When you check them, just eliminate them from the menu. Now, if you return to the PC version of MapleStory, you will observe the rewards on the left side from the screen, and you'll accept these rewards.

    This is the place where you must know how to develop a PC link event in MapleStory M.