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  • From October 18th to November 1st, WoW Classic players will be welcoming the second festival event - Hallow's End and receive various rewards. Players can accept new quests at specific NPCs, and NPC will also offer tricks and treats. The event celebrates the split between the Forsaken (undead) and t...
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MapleStory M Anniversary offers a large number of prizes

  • MapleStory M has been in its first anniversary after the launch of the Mac version of MapleStory, which was first released in 2018. With the arrival of the new course Phantom, launch a new hero for the first anniversary of MapleStory Mobile

    In the latest version, Phantom is a successful thief who stole the resource management role. Features such as Phantom Shroud, Phantom and Steal help players to Maplestory M Mesos attack more strategically, while Phantom's most special skills - Judgment - provide additional attacks for players that can cause fatal damage to Horde. Ghost characters between 3 and 100 can also be upgraded to 3 levels per level through the Mega Burning event.

    This update also includes the suitability of the in-game marriage system for mobile devices. Couples in the Wedded game will receive prizes, including timeless wedding rings and party fans, which will be presented with special gifts during the anniversary milestone. Wedding guests can also participate in special events after the party and receive special prizes.

    In addition, players can now express themselves with the newly added Emo Wheel and experience a higher expedition mode against Chaos Horntail. Other features include re-growth flames and soul weapon systems, which primarily improve the game and Cheap Maplestory M Mesos provide players with more ways to deal with damage and improve levels.

    To celebrate, players can participate in exciting in-game activities, including the Maple Memory Leaf Gathering event, a special achievement event to support Lucia's grand prize, a special occasion for special occasions to get special damage to the skin and choose the boss accessories. box.