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Path of Exile: Labyrinth Map Raiders


    How do you think that everyone wants to know the maze map of the Path of Exile? How do you go to today's maze? Here is the labyrinth map guide for the exiles shared by the players.

    Today, Argus is in Room 3, there is no dangerous trap in the room (marked by the red circle of the map), the secret road is not marked, and POE Items Orb the route marked by the yellow line on the map is faster when there is a road.

    3 fun challenges (maps labeled P and G) and 3 shadow altars (map marker D) on the main route.

    Regarding the random effect given by the maze altar, all the effects are displayed in the upper right corner after the update.

    Stable up to 6 keys (unless Argus is not there) (now in the lower right corner of the standard fun challenge, there must be two with two bronze keys, verified, another ordinary silver treasure chest, shadow altar and final boss maze treasure chest Opportunity to get the bronze key, but these random ones are not counted)

    Take the Qi Raiders:

    1. Kill King Argus in Room 3.

    2, the first stage waits for the charger to complete the charge and defeat the king (can not kill).

    3. The second stage does not destroy the crystal tower that will release the curse and defeat the king (can kill).

    In the case that both the 4.1 and the 2 stages Buy POE Items meet the conditions, the third stage king will get a larger auxiliary, which is more difficult to play but can drop 3 bronze keys.

    5. Get two bronze keys in two of the fun challenges (both P and G on the map) marked in the lower right corner.

    The Boss form is Sword Shield Izola:
    Form difficulty: double sword > sword shield > two-handed hammer
    Outbreak damage: two-handed hammer>double sword>sword shield

    The above is the analysis of the ultimate maze content of the Path of Exile, you can go to the game to try.