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  • In August of this year, the mobile version of EVE Online, which NetEase and CCP Games collaborated together, was officially released, EVE: Echoes, formerly known as EVE: Project Galaxy, which is a brand new multiplayer online mobile game with a background in the New EVE Online Eden's alternative uni...
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About Path of Exile: Blight

  • Path of Exile: Blight arrives on September 6 and introduces some major changes to the core loop of killing and looting.

    The poisonous assassin prototype is receiving similar attention, and the five new POE Currency significantly broaden the game choices of players who like to exert painful poison on the enemy. The new Elusive mechanism, found in the Assassin Ascendancy course, adds more mobility to classes that want to enter, complete work and exit.

    Similarly, the Mine Saboteur prototype will soon receive a new set of Mine Skill and Support gems, and the existing Mine gems and other POE Orbs are undergoing a significant rebalancing, making the Mine game style more tactical and tactile. The dominance rate of the destroyers has also improved.

    For those who play action role-playing games for those sweet trophies, we will, of course, add powerful new unique items, divination cards, and Cassia's anointing to enhance the way in a powerful new way.

    One of the core design concepts of Path of Exile is to let players play in the way they want to play. To this end, we are changing the main task in the final phase of the Path of Exile - the way the world maps handle. Once you have to pursue a big mission or miss it forever actively, you can now accumulate these tasks over time, then be able to play at your own pace and end the map area you want! If you're going to buy some cheap POE PS4 Currency, you can visit the POECurrency homepage, and you will get the gold coins you want.