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Wizard tasks in Path of Exile will accumulate

  • Next week, developers of the action RPG Path of Exile will soon release a fel energy expansion that will make a significant change to the Wizards' mission system. This type of task will begin to accumulate, so gamers do not need to enter the game every day.

    The Fel add-on, which is scheduled to release on the PC on September 6th, should not only add new skills, equipment, and POE Currency rewards to the Action RPG Path of Exile but should also make significant changes to existing systems.

    Today, the employees of Grinding Gear Games decided to tell us what changes they intend to introduce in the master's mission.

    After the release of "evil," these tasks will begin to accumulate. Instead, the character automatically receives assignments from masters that won't disappear after a certain amount of time each day (due to the counter, you will be able to find out exactly how many tasks have accumulated).

    Besides, in this system of cumulative master tasks, the probability that a developer will move a master on a map is about half. In short, chances of encountering the Masters will be less, but the adventurer will have more opportunities to complete the tasks obtained by passing the map. Players may need POE Items and POE Chaos Orb to complete these tasks.

    It is worth considering that the Masters' mission is the same and applies to all characters in the same league. If the player has at least one suitable style there, and in any "evil" league, the mission will accumulate in the standard league. This increase only reached the console on September 9th.