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  • In August of this year, the mobile version of EVE Online, which NetEase and CCP Games collaborated together, was officially released, EVE: Echoes, formerly known as EVE: Project Galaxy, which is a brand new multiplayer online mobile game with a background in the New EVE Online Eden's alternative uni...
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Path of Exile: Withering - Fungal infection extension, tower de

  • Path of Exile: Blight is the next extension of Path of Exile (3.8.0). It includes a challenge league of the same name, three redesigned prototypes with new skills and projects, a second "league" integration with the main game, and more choices for players to decide what they want to play.

    In the Blight Challenge League, you will meet the Cassia Sisters (NPC), who reported a "fungal attack" in the gaming world. The idea that mushrooms can take over nearby enemies must destroy. Cassia has built a device that blocks these fungi, but it takes time to cleanse and needs to be defensive at that time.

    Every area will encounter Blight, reminiscent of a small tower defense game. Attacking the central mushroom, the tendrils appear on the ground, causing the enemy to create an entrance. Opponents follow these tendrils and try to protect the mushrooms - they only attack the characters blocking them. The infection is extremely tough, so you need to build a defensive tower to take advantage of the specific weaknesses of each monster. There are several types of towers, including towers that slow down monsters, strengthen towers, create minions, or cause elemental damage. It is essential to "read" the vine trails to find out which types of monsters are about to emerge and develop strategies to effectively eliminate opponents. The erection of the tower is also essential so that the tower touches runway as much as possible and slows down the enemy. When the tower is active, you will participate in the battle and fight the enemy in front. For each level of the track you successfully defend, there will be a series of POE Currency and rewards. These Blight encounters are typical exile road operations and small tower defenses.

    Blight encounters give you special oils that can be combined to provide attributes for POE Items. Cassia sisters use a combination of these oils to "smear" a ring or amulet. The combination of each oil produces different results. The order does not matter. A total of twelve grades of oil are becoming rarer and rarer. One type of tree oils can be combined at a supplier to bring them to new levels. The anointing makes the ring or amulet enchant. So far, it is not possible to delight POE Trade in Path of Exile, and the enchantment should base on the previous properties of the object.

    In earlier times 18 months, the amount of players playing Path of Exile has almost doubled at the outset of their expansion/season. Path of Exile: New Zealand says the Legion is in no way the most successful expansion.

    Path of Exile: Blight will probably be released on the PC on September 6, 2019, and is going to release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 9. The ExileCon Fan Convention will likely hold in New Zealand from November 16 to 17th, 2019. The organizers have a much 1,500 to 2,000 participants, and David Brevik, Max Schaefer and Erich Schaefer (co-founder of Condor, and later on Blizzard North) are going to invite to your site as well as your guests. In the internal exhibition, the extension 3.9.0 and "Mega extension 4.0.0" are going to show.