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Twitch stream record was broken by Path of Exile players

  • Norwegian Twitch streamer Zizaran broke the streaming media record in the past month. They broke the 30-day Twitch streaming record in just one month, with traffic exceeding 500 hours. Zizaran defeated the previous record for more than 100 hours, and this record was only confirmed a month ago.

    Zizaran 505 hours and 26 minutes in 30 days, almost everyone is playing the road to exile. The previous record was set by the wandering giant in 402 hours and 57 minutes, allowing Zizaran to stay ahead of the game. To reach that number, he must flow for nearly 17 hours a day, and on some days he only does some processes. His longest run this month is the 30-hour Path of Exile Marathon.

    To celebrate Zizaran's achievements, Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear Games presented the overall game with a support pack plus several POE Currency. Zizaran spent nearly 39 hours previously month and started his record-breaking match to get a month.

    Over the last 30 days, Zizaran has spent a lot more than two-thirds of the company's time on the Path of Exile to countless viewers around the globe. In the last 30 days, only 215 hours are available for streamers to consume, sleep, and fit everything in humans ought to survive.

    Zizaran began streaming in October 2015 and has grown into a full-time streaming media for Counter Logic Gaming. In the past 30 days, he has contacted more than 170,000 fans on Twitch and has often become one of the most-watched Twitch streams.

    Twitch itself has produced a record year using more than 140 million unique viewers every month, 15 million daily users and a pair of.2 million monthly broadcasts. According to statistics offered by Twitch, Twitch's simultaneous ratings also exceed 600,000. Zizaran didn't mention the information, but it was probably a list that impressed him and was apt to be challenging to beat soon. Zizaran should likewise use a lot of POE Items in the whole process of breaking records, and that is normal and necessary. Players who would like to Buy POE Items, including Exalted Orb, Chaos Orb, POE Currency PS4, can be acquired at POECurrency. There will be amazing discounts!