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  • During special events, you can purchase FUN Scratch Chairs that PSO2 Meseta can unlock non-clothing fashion products, furniture for your own personal Quarters and consumables. FUN Scratch Tickets are bought with FUN Points, as you guessed it.FUN Points motivate you to interact with Phantasy Sta...
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The new rating points to the destination on the Path of Exile i

  • Fans have always wanted a top-quality console port - RPG Path of Exile. Just over in 2009, Xbox One players realized their wishes. Now, PlayStation 4 users may have a glimmer of hope. Of course, be it a PS4 user or maybe a PC user, provided that your account number is similar, in that case, your POE Currency resources are usually shared.

    According to reports, the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Board has announced the Path of Exile PS4. But the other details are not very clear, we don't know what the release schedule might look like, but it seems to be a better game for this type of PS4 binding.

    It is worth repeating that earlier this year, Grind Gear Games was busy making a Chinese version of the Path of Exile. Although the studio is still operating independently, Tencent has obtained a majority stake. The PS4 port seems to be inevitable, but I would like to know how far it can exist. I hope that it will last for a long time, and the issue of POE Currency Xbox is expected to be considered by publishers.

    I mean, if Diablo III can turn it to Nintendo Switch, then everything is possible.