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The first formal meeting of Path of Exile was the ExileCon in N

  • If you have not finished the free game action yet - RPG Path Of Exile is very popular, the developer Grinding Gear Games has been lucid. They announced ExileCon, a two-day official fan conference dedicated to clicking monsters until they burst into a bleeding POE Currency. It will be held from November 16th to 17th, and it will be a great love for those who participate in and bring some significant statements to distant audiences. Moreover, unlike the pros and cons of asking people to travel to California's wasteland or anywhere else, this can be cute: New Zealand, especially the hometown of Grinding Gear, Oakland.

    ExileCon will bring a significant announcement of the Path of Exile update 4.0.0 extension and the December 3.9.0 small extension. It will also include developer lectures, tournament finals, playable demos of upcoming content, Hangouts and more. Announcement keynotes and competitions will also be broadcast live for non-participants free of charge.

    Grinding Gear has been publicly planned for almost a year, so it is not surprising, but I feel that the studio's first game has become big enough to be used for its dedicated two-day destination.

    Tickets are now available for sale from the ExileCon website. They are $200 (£150), and higher levels with POE Trade Currency and bonus dinners are sold out. Although it is true, if they are going to New Zealand, will the participants not stare at the entire "conference" on the mountain and swim in the lake?