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Path of Exile launches Time Curved Incursion league

  • The Path of Exile's Incursion alliance that Steven talked to developers last month is now online.

    Incursion lets you hunt down Atzoatl, an ancient Vaal treasure temple. To show its location, you must return to its construction in time. This requires you to find a new NPC Alva Valai, who will promptly send you back to a random room in the temple. There, you will have enough time to kill as many monsters as possible, and each time you kill, you will give more time. At the end of the battle, you can pick up your Path of Exile Currency.

    You will have to track Alva Valai 11 times, she will appear in every new area during regular events - to show Atzoatl in today's position, then you can raid your good things. The twist of time bending is that your behavior during the 11 invasions will change the last temple dungeon run. For example, looking for keys and unlocking the door in the past will open more temples to explore now.

    It can be seen from Steven's work that it is very complicated. Each room has a competitive "architect" who wants to design the room in some way. Kill an architect, another can freely complete their work, change the room and possibly affect the rest of the temple. During the 11 invasions, you can return to the same room more than once, giving an architect the opportunity to upgrade the room to his liking.

    In Steven's run, he upgraded a poison garden several times, which meant that poison plants covered every room in the temple, making his last run more difficult. But reaching the original poison room gave him a shield that you couldn't find anywhere else.

    In addition to Incursion, the developer Grinding Gear Games has added a large number of POE Xbox Orbs, POE Orbs, Chaos Orb, Exalted Orb, 31 new items, and 22 divination cards. All updated patch descriptions can be found here. The Incursion Alliance will last for three months.