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Path of Exile: This is where developers are working hard - new

  • The clock was made by Matthias Brookler - at the same time the half of the Path of Exile has passed, but many players continue to bravely fight through Wraeclast and face the Templars, Val, and the company's Legion. The developer is working hard to parallel the next article and give a little insight.

    In Path of Exile, the Alliance Legion, we will compete using the masters who in endless battles, is halfway through. While players will still be struggling to obtain personal goals, including challenges and POE Currency rewards, Studio GGG is busy with all the next projects. To let the town know what's happening, developers can have a more in-depth perception of what is going to take place in the coming weeks.

    Developers are still involved in the content of the next league and patch 3.8.0 but brought an official announcement on August 20. Anyone considering the name of the association has a hint: he is not on the list of famous popular metal bands, such as Legion, Prophecy, Legacy, and Abyss, all from the Path of Exile. According to the developer, the name should be there, which indicates that the title is once again severe and military.

    According to GGG, the community may wish to improve older primary content, such as using POE PS4 Orbs and cross-account betrayal status, which makes it easier to play multiple roles. In addition, players will be asked to make some changes, and popular trading topics will be directly excluded.

    If everything goes as outlined by plan, next the PC player's legion alliance can certainly on September 2, and Konsoleros may play before new league release. It is likely to land on Path of Exile 3.8.0 along with the corresponding league on September 6. These data haven't been determined.