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A League of Its Own: Path of Exile Legion

  • The latest expansion of the Path of Exile, the Legion, was released in June and brought a wealth of new content. The recent development named after the fact that the exiles will fight the five enemies in the field of eternal conflict. These stalwart troops have been trapped there for centuries, so your task is to release them and eventually knock them down.

    To challenge them, you must use Timeless Monoliths. These structures allow you to view and unfreeze them so you can eventually hit them, and defeating them will reward you, including POE Currency. More powerful players can get better rewards. Finally, some of them will issue unique POE Orbs and items, so you must pay attention to them. Fortunately, they have icons on their heads that allow you to discover and prioritize them immediately.

    In addition to the new content, Legion has rewritten the melee course. Not only did these courses encounter problems, in addition, they felt less functional as opposed to the version that trusted spam AOE spells, so now then it's time for them to experience some impact. Another change is usually that the player is now able to choose to cancel the attack animation as soon as the damage caused. For people who need to be creative and advanced, this is sometimes a huge help.

    The Legion also brought the new Exalted Orb, Chaos Orb into circulation. But unlike those introduced in previous leagues, these will change the rules of the game. It includes blood and sand, which is probably the one that changes the laws of the game. It is a relatively simple skill that can retain 10% of mana and affect melee skills.

    Another new skill worth mentioning is Flesh and Stone, a halo associated with blood and sand. In the former, the affected enemies are more vulnerable. In the latter, the affected enemies will become blind, and the affected enemies will be affected.

    Finally, choosing between any posture is to adapt to the situation. If you are lazy, you seem to stick to a particular aspect rather than being at a disadvantage, then go. No matter how you plan to deal with these skills, the most important thing is that GGG provides us with a series of exciting new mechanisms.

    So players who haven't new Path of Exile will get back to Wraeclast and have all the new stuff the latest league offers! In addition, in case your POE Items For Sale isn't enough, please don't forget to purchase at POECurrency, the website will give you the most beneficial price and service.