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Design your very own deathtrap today in Path Of Exile: Synthesi

  • The dungeons within the latest update to Path of Exile disappear from the time you see them. In the most recent league of Grinding Gear's free-action RPG, players should quickly cross these new optional areas to stabilize, as rewards will be the chance to build their particular maze to secure a raid. It is the very first time that in history that there has become no alliance to clear out anything.

    The new things in the integrated alliance mainly occur in parallel with the main story. In the early days, you will encounter a new character, a ghost named Kavas, who asks the player to help restore his lost memory. It is the road to exile, and you can get POE Currency Buy and loot by killing quickly. When you play the game, you will encounter a few memory areas of the portal, and through them and activate the memory stabilizer will provide you with a memory fragment for building your dungeon.

    In the void of Kavas, there is an incomplete memory map that inserts these clips into it. Some areas are static, so you must place clips to bridge the gap between them. By linking to some individual tiles on the map, you can apply a loot or enemy spawning multiplier to the entire custom dungeon, making it a potential POE Currency for the treasure. You can only run each cell a certain number of times before the placed pieces are demoted and need to replace, so you must use more parts frequently.

    In these memory-themed dungeons, players can rustle the "broken" POE Items and loot. Although it is not a bad thing in itself, the combination of several broken items on a particular production table in the gap will provide you with synthetic equipment. There is an only essential rarity, but there are some state profiles that are different from what you would typically choose, which is excellent for advanced players to minimize/maximize. The league also includes a excellent rebalancing spell that makes the wand and staves more viable, plus a bunch of new Chaos Orb and Sacred Elemental spells.

    The integrated alliance is now online. You can see the patch description on the POE website. Path Of Exile is free to play, expand and all, you can find it on Steam. If you want POE Exalted Orb to support your game, you can choose to buy it at POECurrency.