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Why online Elder Scrolls is better and more interesting than Wo

  • Let's move on to the discussion of the topic that ended yesterday, about why Elder Scrolls Online is better than World of Warcraft.

    freedom of speech
    Players of the Elder Scrolls can customize characters and scenes, and their scope and differences are much larger than World of Warcraft. When designing your first character, there are more character customization options, and then you can buy more and change a lot in the game store.

    Role creation is not only more diverse, but also the game itself. In a game like World of Warcraft, if you play the role of a wizard, you will be hurt. You can use different weapons and other characters in Cheap ESO Gold any scene. Nightblade is usually a therapist. There are many different ways to play games for players to choose from depending on your needs. This freedom can be daunting or very interesting.

    Guild war
    The battle of ESO is flashy and visually appealing. It doesn't like large-scale animation wars, but you can feel the lightning that you emit underground, and every attack you make with a giant sword has its importance. You can even transfer to the first person to ESO Gold see all the content and the traditional Elder Scroll experience.

    Open world
    When I think of the term "open world" in MMO, I am most worried about ESO. You can go anywhere, do one thing, become the person you want to be. And, like any other Elder Scrolls title, the whole world can be your website.

    In addition, the whole world of ESO is beautiful. Even when the old detectable area was released in 2014, this is definitely the best looking MMO. Its new area is often amazing. Each update will continue to raise the bet.