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Elder Scrolls Online will get a performance boost

  • Bethesda has released a new roadmap for the development of the Elder Scrolls Online, which continues into the second quarter of 2019. However, their first priority is to fix the performance degradation of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One base versions.

    Please note that The Elder Scrolls Online roadmap can be a living document, ie Bethesda may update it with new information provided by them, but most of the changes they announce may be Buy ESO Gold retained.

    That is, developers keep some delayed updates because they expect some deep adjustments to the Elder Scrolls Online architecture changes that will take more time to test.

    As for the more direct features, Bethesda said, "We realize that the ESO performance of most players has declined, especially the basis of PS4 and XB1. We are not satisfied with this, so we know that it is really important for us to mitigate it. We will update the changes we make regularly.

    Bethesda cautions that supporting a five-year-old game in a changing environment in terms of technology, content and player behavior can be a challenge, but they are proud of their own community.

    In the fourth quarter of 2019, Elder Scrolls Online may undergo memory management reforms to address memory fragmentation issues and completely rewrite using the Looking for Groups system feature. There may be Cheap ESO Gold some "behind-the-scenes combat optimization" that is designed to reduce the server load by rewriting some of the more consumptive combat capabilities.

    A patching overhaul was introduced in 2020 to convert many methods from downloading to storing ESOs on the drive, resulting in minimal space compared to the current version.