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Melee overhaul in exile path

  • Let's continue the discussion with the article that was not discussed yesterday.

    Another major addition to the melee overhaul on this road to exile is the new jewelry function. The set contains many new gems that players can insert into their passive skill trees. These jewels have the effect of enhancing combat effectiveness, including attributes that fall within the scope. With unique jewels in the player's passive skills, players will find 15 new cornerstones in the passive skill tree.

    This will be the most important update for POE Currency Buy players who are composed of challenged league players and non-challenge league players. The developer's Grinding Gear Games is already experimenting with different systems of Path of Exile. For example, magic-based combat is usually a system of exile, including recent battles that focus on melee. Not only that, but the update also includes a variety of additional features and content. Many players are very much looking forward to this.

    Developers are making the first three battles powerful, making them more responsive and adding to mmoah.com the early gaming experience. The queue function is introduced in the skill, which means that the player can prepare for the next challenge without completing the first one. The resolution will also be improved, and the change in the size of the characters will not cause a lag, and things should go smoothly. Game performance is improved by focusing on high visual effects.

    The above is the approximate content of the melee overhaul in this road of exile, the developer will show the players with a lot of new content.