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Beginner's tutorial on the road to exile: betrayal expansion

  • Where do I start?
    First of all, you need to understand that Syndicate is a mysterious group. Their goal is to defeat the final boss and be successful. This means that they may be trying to find a way to bring the dead back, instead of letting them enter the "undead" - unconscious zombies. You need to talk to Jun Orton because she will give you a mission to attack a small defense base. You can see the light green icon on the small map, and you will find this structure.

    This means that there is a Syndicate activity in the area you can view. Once you reach the fortress, break the wall and kill the members inside. Once you defeat them, you can begin to approach them. The basic idea is to explore activities with Syndicate, search for members and lower them so that you can get the most critical intelligence for Path of Exile Currency your organization.

    Where can I find a joint member?
    Communicate with the syndicate in the betrayal alliance; you will need to go to the branch. These departments consist of four main types, each representing a variety of businesses within the group. You can find them in Syndicate fortifications, transportation of Syndicate resources, and safe houses for research. Because there is a small amount of information that is enough to detail what you are going to pursue. In essence, the mechanism is centered around helping members and revealing their position.

    What are the four types?
    The goal of this alliance should be to obtain intelligence from Buy POE Currency all four departments. These four departments are transportation, fortification, research, and intervention. For transportation, you will have to chase the team and sign up for their activities. For reinforcement, smashing the syndicated structure and killing the best is what you will do often. For research, you need to enter the innermost area of ​​the Safehouse and stop the best damage there to give you important evidence of intelligence. Finally, the intervention is the way the assassin randomly tries to erase you, please note that this happens occasionally.