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Zynga is looking at multiple paths forward

  • Social gaming giant Zynga reported $241 million in gaming revenue in Q2 2019, up 46% year-over-year and the highest on record. However, this growth did not come from poker. At a reported 12% share of the operator’s total gaming revenue portfolio, the once-dominant game has fallen to the company’s lowest share on record. Two other games now represent a larger share, as does the slots portfolio of games. With an estimated $29 million in quarterly gaming revenue, it represents a 24% fall year-over-year, returning to levels not seen since 2016. New product entry Merge Dragon was the biggest boost to the portfolio, adding 18%, or an estimated $43 million, in revenue.

    As much as Zynga is now laser-focused on mobile, the company actually considers itself to be platform agnostic, Chief Operating Officer Matt Bromberg explained to GameDaily in a phone interview today. Zynga needs to be prepared for the future, and that future is likely to mean gaming anywhere, without restriction. Cloud gaming, subscription and streaming are changing the landscape. Furthermore,You can buy Cheap Zynga Chips at 777chips.com with huge discount, fast delivery and 100% safety.

    To compound that growth, Zynga is looking at multiple paths forward. It wants to create more of these “forever franchises.” These are games that don’t just come and go. Instead, they come and then they stick around for years. The studio already has multiple releases like that with Zynga Poker and Words With Friends. But it believes it needs more. That is why it recently launched FarmVille 3.

    Additionally, the studio is working with more big intellectual properties. It just launched Game of Thrones Slots. And it also has games based on Star Wars and Harry Potter in the works. Zynga is also on the lookout for new acquisitions. The company recently sold its headquarters in the hot S.F. real-estate market. That should give it some cash should it wish to move forward with bringing in any new studios or IP.