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EA Sports announced the launch of the Madden NFL 20 video game

  • Madden NFL 20 Coins With the arrival of the month of August it is time to put on the helmet put on our boots and jump on the grass to prepare the new football season. In this way while the 32 franchises that will fight to raise the Vince Lombardi trophy at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami play their Preseason games we can already start traveling the path to the Super Bowl LIV thanks to 'Madden NFL 20'. The official video game of the National Football League that one more season arrives at the stores with EA Tiburon allowing us to experience all the excitement of one of the most spectacular sports on the entire planet without worrying about the blows.

    EA Sports announced the worldwide launch of the "Madden NFL 20" video game which will be available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles in addition to the Origin PC system.

    With sports video games there has always been some discussion among players based on the suitability or not of launching a new video game year after year where on some occasions the news seems to be reduced to a mere update of templates. However 'Madden NFL 20' does not place us in this dichotomy buy Madden NFL 20 Coins since from our first contact we can see changes with respect to last year's videogame. These changes range from a new more modern and dynamic image of the interface new game modes and most importantly touch-ups within the field to give us a more fluid and spectacular gaming experience.

    It was also announced that Madden NFL Mobile for iOS and Android platforms has been renewed with the following features: dynamic seasons a competitive gameplay new offensive schemes and the ability to improve equipment.

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