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4r Raymond mill

  • The 4r MTM Medium-speed Grinding Mill is the best-selling one of the traditional Raymond mill specifications. It is named because it is equipped with 4 grinding rollers. It is believed that for most investors, when purchasing this kind of mill equipment, in addition to paying attention to quality and price, the output of 4r Raymond mill will definitely be a major focus of its attention. So how many tons of powder can be produced by the 4r Raymond mill in one hour? The detailed answer is as follows:

    First, 4r Raymond mill models listed
    Taking the equipment produced by the Shibang mill supplier as an example, 4r Raymond mills can be roughly divided into three categories, 4R3216, 4R90 and 4R85. The three types of 4r Raymond mill model parameters See details in the table below:
    Model 4R904R854R3216 Feed size (mm) ≤ 25 ≤ 20 ≤ 25 Finished size (mm) 0.125-0.0440.125-0.0440.125-0.044 Different material fineness shift production (t) 3-352-284-45 Central shaft speed ( r / min) 160 160 130 Grinding ring diameter (mm) 9738571073 Grinding roller diameter (mm) 300270 320 Grinding roller height (mm) 160 150 160 Host motor y225m-8-30y225m-8-22y225s-4-37 Fan motor y180m-4-22y160L-4 -15y200L-4-37 Analyzer motory112m-6-2.2y112m-6-2.2yc120-4a-5.5
    Note: Due to the different requirements of the 4r Raymond mill for different specifications, the output fineness, etc. are not uniform, so it is recommended here that users must carefully check each supplier's The 4r Raymond mill parameters table is produced, and then reasonable purchase is made according to actual needs.
    2. How many tons of powder can be produced by 4r Raymond mill in one hour?
    Take the equipment produced by the Shibang mill supplier as an example. In general, the plant's 4r Raymond mill can produce 4-45 tons of flour in one hour. If it is equipped with a good auxiliary operation, this output value It will also be improved, so it must be enough for daily production of general small and medium enterprises. In addition, for higher output value needs, Shibang mill suppliers also support professional customization, and the delivery cycle is short, without delaying the normal use of users.