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the advantages of 2PG0740 pair sand making machine

  • 1. In terms of production efficiency: stable and reliable working conditions, convenient gradation design of the grinding body, and effective in improving the production efficiency of the equipment, which is about 35% higher than the output of the conventional Sand Making Machine ;

    2. In the aspect of crushing and molding: after the second crushing, the river pebble particles are of good quality, are cube-shaped, have small stone powder content, reasonable grading, strong quality, and have higher industrial use value;

    3. In terms of environmental protection production: The internal design is equipped with a dustproof plate, which has a good sealing effect, reduces fine material splash after crushing, effectively controls dust pollution, and reduces working noise;

    4. In terms of operation and construction: the equipment has a small overall area, simple operation and beautiful appearance, and integrates automation design to reduce on-site labor and save time and cost;

    5. In terms of maintenance: the delicate parts are well-manufactured and the materials are selected reasonably. It only needs to be repaired once a year, and can be reused, saving a lot of maintenance and maintenance costs.