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high performance jaw crusher

  • With the rapid development of the domestic economy and the continuous improvement of urbanization construction, construction, railways, highways and other constructions are being vigorously launched, which has also promoted the continuous increase in the use of gravel aggregates, which have relatively high quality and strict requirements. . High-performance jaw crushers play a particularly critical role in quartz stone production lines.

    Quartz stone high-performance Jaw Crusher South Africa Sale is one of the indispensable equipment in the quartz stone production line. As long as the equipment is used for primary rough crushing processing of large stones, its crushing is relatively large, the processing capacity is large, and its technology is exquisite. Consumable parts have strong toughness and many models and specifications.

    Quartz stone high-performance jaw crusher is a practical and widely used crushing equipment. It can handle more than 200 mineral raw materials such as quartz stone, granite, limestone, bluestone, iron ore, and dolomite. , Processing capacity: 1-2200t / h, the commonly used models are: PE-200 × 300, PE-250 × 400, PE-600 × 750, PE-800 × 1060 and other specific specifications are as follows:

    What are the specifications and parameters of the jaw crusher? A small one hour is more than ten tons, and a large one can reach more than one thousand tons.

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